Friday, February 18, 2011

Gerakan Don't Mean Anything

Gerakan was defending their low registration of voters by claiming that numbers “don’t mean anything”. And in the process of admission by their Youth chief, Lim Si Pin, he had acknowledged that they do not have a strong grassroots presence in KL. He was responding to a report in a local daily on Wednesday that Gerakan could only register 36 new voters last year – the lowest among the main political parties in the country.(New Straits Times, February 18, 2011, p 11).

I shouldn’t be quick to blame Gerakan because they don’t mean anything to Malaysians anymore. And since when have they been promoted to a “main” political party? Let’s not exaggerate when reporting the news. Aiyo, I just remembered that I am supposed to stop writing about Gerakan because they don’t amount to anything!

Malaysians, have you registered already? if you haven't, please do so immediately!

I read that the match between Liverpool and Sparta was a drab affair, and indeed so, as the final score showed 0-0. The Reds started well, and dominated the game but they couldn’t create any clear chances. Still, they remain well placed for the Europa League’s last 16.

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