Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Body Language of Frogs

The Sun newspaper today (p 07) reported that even married Muslim couples who are looking forward to a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner on Monday may find themselves hauled up and compelled to attend a compulsory counseling session to “mend” their faith. This is because the act is deemed to be against a 2005 fatwa which forbids Muslims from participating in this celebration. The reason for this religious ruling was because it has elements of Christianity and/or mixed with immoral acts. Wow, I have been so ignorant all this while! I didn’t know that the Christians are subversively using this innocuous observance to propagate their faith – the Muslims might naively think all they are doing is having a candlelight dinner when they are actually going to be led astray by subtle Christian messages. I would urge JAIS (Selangor Islamic Religious Department) to raid restaurants and other eating places and confiscate their menus – I suspect Christian literature are being quietly implanted in the menus to manipulate weak Muslim minds . Poor Muslims – in Malaysia, they cannot celebrate this “day” – but I ask you, what about Christmas? Didn’t Najib and Rosmah attend a Christmas bash in December? Is there a fatwa against celebrating Christmas too? For sure, this “day” is more so a Christian day! So how ah?

Frogs can do more than just croak! And frog communication is not only confined to just repetitively vocalizing “ribbit ribbit”. As it turns out, frogs do communicate in another way – not with their vocal chords – but with their bodies. They vibrate! This is the body language of frogs!

Kindly watch this video interview with Michael Caldwell, frog researcher at the Smithsonian Institute for Tropical Research in Panama. Just one word of advice – do not try this at home. Otherwise, your family members might think you have taken leave of your senses!

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