Tuesday, February 15, 2011

£6 million Not Enough

The Sun (p 04) yesterday had announced that Team Lotus boss Tony Fernandes has rejected a Proton offer worth £6 million for an out-of-court settlement to resolve the Lotus naming dispute that has embroiled two F1 teams. He pretended to express regret (“…Of course I would like to end it but the proposal by Proton…” – lines 35-37) before he professed that he “could not accept it” (lines 38-39) – what he’s actually trying to say is that he is getting greedy lah and he wants more money. He’s not going to start something like this if he’s not going to hugely profit from it. This is his real passion – besides the fact that he enjoys being under the full glare of publicity.

In the Star today (p N12), concern was expressed that public participation at Penang’s Speaker’s Square has cooled off nine months after it was opened. Speaker’s Square committee member Andre Loh said there were days when no one came to speak their mind. “We don’t have the details as the public is free to come and use it (on Sunday and Wednesday),” he said, urging the public to “keep it alive” by speaking up on issues that concerned them.

It’s a shame really – but perhaps, Toastmasters clubs in Penang should grab this opportunity to use this platform for their public speaking activities. It’ll be a great change to speak in “public”, in an outdoor setting, rather than in the confines of a meeting room. Won't any of the clubs take the challenge? I would relish it – I really would!

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