Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Classroom Diversity

Now that the classes have begun, this will be one heckuva semester because I have more than a hundred students in my class. Given that it's only seven weeks, I will surely be busy as a beaver.

And like last semester, I have a diverse group of students coming from Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Iran, Germany, Tanzania, Botswana, Uganda, Nigeria and of course, Malaysia.

I turned up at the KL Advanced Toastmasters meeting yesterday, and because attendance was poor – only nine came – I took on dual roles as Table Topics Evaluator and Speech Evaluator (for Ahmad Zakie). 

In spite of the low turnout, it was a good meeting – this can be attributed to the quality speakers and role-players (Zakie, Lucky, Lorna and even I did a relatively good job!).

And I am glad to read that Utusan had called off the domestic inquiry into the alleged misconduct of their senior journalist (Hata Wahari) yesterday – after the prosecuting officer refused to allow him to have a representative or to record the proceedings (The Sun, January 18, 2011, p 2). It was an abrupt ending to an inquiry that lasted about 30 minutes or less. And nobody is quite sure whether the inquiry had been adjourned or dismissed.

This bullying of staff by an arrogant media establishment is shameful.

Meanwhile Hata has vowed to continue fighting for press freedom.

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