Sunday, January 16, 2011

Najib The Tireless Entertainer

Najib Razak is an extremely busy Prime Minister because he is already having a full plate, attending to the affairs of the country. But it is heartening to note that he can still find time to interact with fellow citizens. It demonstrates that tireless Najib is very down-to-earth, approachable, communicative. And so he invited Malaysians to pose questions to him over Twitter and Facebook last Tuesday in order that he can personally respond to them. Therefore, it shows the maturity and intelligence of Malaysians when they indeed asked sophisticated and weighty questions to the PM, as this video clip illustrates:

As Najib said, these questions had given him a fresh insight into how Malaysians think and use the social media. Important questions that really matter. Like whether Pirates or Ninjas will win? Like who irons the PM's clothes? Like where to get the best char koay teow?

Of course, Najib was being polite or perhaps, condescending? Methinks, what he really meant was that Malaysians are so obtuse and half-baked – it is little wonder that he can easily manipulate the vast majority of them. That perhaps explains why we have a government that is so good at transforming the country into everything so mediocre – and I am being overbearingly civil in choosing this adjective.

Still, I admire a Prime Minister who is not afraid to answer these challenging questions from dim-witted simpletons who masquerade as Malaysians! After all, we get the Prime Minister that we deserve, if you know what I mean.

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