Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Meaningless Verdict

Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas returned an open verdict at the inquest into the death of Teoh Beng Hock two years ago, a decision that means it cannot establish how the political aide died. Azmil had ruled out both suicide and homicide. It’s a very weird verdict. It is not suicide – if this is so, then how could Teoh have exited unaided from the window on the fourteenth floor of Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam? And if Azmil had accepted that there was some evidence of pre-fall injuries to Teoh's neck, how could he rule out homicide? The possibility is there, right?

At a press conference after the verdict, Teoh's sister, Lee Lan (above left) tearfully asked "Is this your answer? We cannot accept or respect this verdict. How can we find peace with this verdict?" I too am outraged. The closely-watched inquest spanned eighteen months and yet the verdict that was reached today ensured that Teoh's death still remains a mystery! A meaningless verdict that makes no sense at all. Fingers will continue to point at MACC.

In today’s The Malaysian Insider, it is revealing to read that Archbishop Murphy Pakiam is standing firm and he had refused to wade deeper into the “matter” (by this, he was referring to the Christmas Day event – refer to my posting on January 01, 2011 under “Teo Nie Ching Makes Trouble Again”). He was reported to have said “Let’s not waste time on things like these” (Webpage I very much like to disagree. If the issue of faith is not important to believers, then pray tell me, what is important? To me, whether crucifixes were actually removed or not are not the issue. A directive from the Prime Minister Office was given and it was complied with because the organizers did go out of the way to accommodate Najib. It was a tad too convenient that by the time, Najib dropped by, the prayers were already said and the hymns were already done with. If indeed, Najib was the VVIP, wouldn't the organizers have patiently waited for Najib to arrive before they kick-off the event? Doesn't this indicate that Najib’s need(s) took precedence? By accepting the directive and having Najib come to the event, Pakiam has compromised God for man’s need. Is it so important to please Najib, but that in doing so, he forsook his God?

I was not very surprised to also read in webpage, that a police report has been lodged in Seremban today over the rape allegation involving the Cabinet minister who is still serving in Najib’s cabinet. The Malaysian Youth Solidarity (SAMM) filed the report based on a document that has been circulating on the Internet since late last month. “The police report was made to urge the police to open investigation papers and to start investigation. SAMM is willing to take the responsibility of assisting the police in its investigation,” said SAMM in a statement. And yes, SAMM also named the minister.

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