Saturday, November 13, 2010

Zahid's Drivel Insults Non-Malays

On Thursday, I read in The Sun (p 1) that Defense Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi alleged that the non-Malays' "spirit of patriotism" was not high enough – he had said this in relation to the low level of recruitment of non-Malays into the armed forces. Of course everybody from both sides of the fence jumped him and clobbered him good and proper. It was a statement that was sweeping, insensitive and callous.

Zahid tried vainly to explain away his faux pas by clarifying: "What I had said was that it was possible that it could be due to several factors, including the sense of patriotism that is not strong enough” (Webpage, posted today). Did you spot any difference? What I read was that the patriotism of the non-Malays was not high or strong enough! I am insulted! Zahid's drivel showed his contempt for non-Malays and illustrated his ignorance of Malayan-Malaysian history where non-Malays sacrificed their lives for the country too.

Non-Malays should take note that this is another point to consider when voting in the next general election. UMNO’s nastiness must not be tolerated!

UK’s The Independent today reported that thousands of students across Britain have already begun to organize a further day of mass disruption on November 24. What’s more, it has emerged that lecturers are also stepping in to help organize the protests. The tripling of tuition fees must not be allowed to happen. As Alison Lord, of University and College Union’s national executive committee, who backed the protestors said: "What they did was very selfless – they won't benefit from their actions, but people in the future could do" (Webpage, posted today).

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