Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Deadpan Look

This kind of expression is familiar to those who know me – pensive, pondering and preoccupied. And even at a fun(!) event like Au Revoir, I am putting on this contemplative demeanor. And Andrew is wearing the same look too. I am contagious, aren’t I?

For once, Najib makes sense! The Prime Minister had said that there is no need to mark May 13 as a remembrance day for the racial bloodletting that took place in 1969. This announcement made front-page news in The Sun today. As he rightly put it: “We must take a lesson from the incident and do all we can to ensure it is not repeated”. And unsurprisingly, Najib’s Deputy, Muhyiddin was also reported to have a view that is contrary to Najib’s. I suppose stupidity is not easy to learn but trust Muhyiddin to master it well!

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