Monday, November 8, 2010

Reds Beat the Blues

I don’t know what’s in the Malaysian History textbooks nowadays but if I can remember what I have learnt years ago was that Malays, Chinese and Indians were all “pendatang” (immigrants) at some point in Malaysia's history. It is also true that the Malacca Sultanate was credited with fostering and promoting the Malay ethos and it was during this era that the Islamic faith became closely identified with Malay society and played an important role in defining Malay identity as we know today. Yet, one must remember that it was founded by a fugitive Hindu prince, by the name of Parameswara.

And in case, anybody gets riled up about what I wrote, just check out this year’s UMNO general assembly. In their showing-off, the fat cats did “let the cat out of the bag” when they started to poke fun at each other’s immigrant backgrounds. Former Prime Minister. Mahathir as we all know has mamak origins. His father was a Muslim Malayali from Kerala in south India who migrated to Malaysia and took a Malay bride. Mahathir himself was classified as an Indian when at university in Singapore (Webpage, accessed November 07, 2010). Other UMNO bigwigs who were on stage were goaded for their Achinese, Turkish and other foreign origins. In fact, Muhyiddin told the audience that his father was Bugis and mother Jawa, and this combination makes him a Malay!

So, this is another sleight of hand where people can classify themselves as Malays – of course, there is the obligatory condition of becoming a Muslim – no matter where they come from, and therefore, qualify as “bumiputras” who are then entitled to “special rights”. Only in Malaysia!

Today is a great day because as Phil McNulty, chief football scribe for BBC Sport wrote: “Liverpool's rejuvenation continued as two moments of brilliance from Fernando Torres sunk Premier League leaders Chelsea at Anfield”. Torres opened the scoring when he collected Dirk Kuyt's clever pass and the Spaniard's finish was brilliant when he lifted the ball over Chelsea goalie Petr Cech (11). The second goal came when Liverpool’s Raul Meireles won possession from Chelsea’s Ashley Cole in midfield and finding Torres, who then curled a stunning finish (44) into the only space available to send me to the moon! Yay-yay-yay-y-y-y!

I am really glad that Torres, who has struggled for form and fitness since the 2010 World Cup finals, was back to his best to torment Chelsea once more, ensuring the champions' lead at the top of the table remained at two points and Liverpool rose into the top 10 with a third successive league victory.

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