Friday, November 26, 2010

Bird-brained Minister

Today’s The Sun provides ample fodder for those still needing proof that Malaysian ministers are really, really of the bird-brained variety! And I am feeling bad here because I am comparing politicians with birds! I do honestly think birds have at least a crumb of intelligence while politicians (particularly those in Malaysia) are mere empty vessels.

This time, in reply to a question from Kuala Selangor MP Dzulkefly Ahmad, the Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister, Lajim Ukin showed how unhinged he is by telling the Dewan Rakyat that the country has the cheapest property prices in the region, with house prices having risen by just 3.3% in the past decade (p 4). He had earlier stated that the government was constantly monitoring the real estate market to avoid the property bubble phenomenon from occurring. The Malaysian public knows this is incorrect. I reckon that most types of properties will have seen almost a doubling-up of prices from what they were before.

At a press conference later, Dzulkefly had furnished statistics that clearly stated that a glut is emerging and prices of residential property have surged by as much as 35% in the past year, far above income growth and giving rise to concerns that the market is becoming unsustainable.

Anyway, coming back to this story of the oafish minister – in another reply to a ‘repeated’ question (same question as the above because Dzulkefly was unhappy with the answer given) – Lajim had pompously repeated the 3.3% claim and expanded on this gobbledygook by highlighting that “in Singapore (property prices have increased in the past decade) by 38.18%, Hong Kong 12.78% and Taiwan 8.57%... therefore, the property prices in our country are still the cheapest (as) the government aims to keep house prices low”! (ibid).

This only further enhanced his ineptitude because Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad had interjected, asserting that statistics given by the said minister were flawed. But like all deranged dimwits, the dumbass who appeared in the form of Lajim had stood his ground and maintained that the statistics were on the nose. “We are the government, our statistics are right, (it’s the) opposition that is wrong”. What kind of answer is that? It’s poppycock that has managed to reach the stars! Obviously, Lajim is so full of shit!

Of course, it’s not just Malaysian politicians who are good at portraying themselves as dumbbells! Haven’t you heard gaffe-prone Sarah Palin risking more political ridicule after suggesting that North Korea is an ally of America in an interview on Glenn Beck's radio show on November 24, 2010?

North Korean women soldiers marching


marika said...

Hi - did you enter the Saatchi Online Art Showdown with your photograph of the marching women soldiers? Is your name Alex Nowak?

Glam said...

Dear Marika, thanks for visiting my blog. Nope, my name is not Alex but Victor Ong. And nope, I didn't enter the Saatchi event.