Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from PeTA

Today, being the fourth Thursday of November, it is Thanksgiving Day!

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I have received feedback from Amelia Leong on my Course & Staff Evaluations for the two courses that I was teaching in my first semester at Sunway University College. A total of 24 respondents participated in each of the two surveys, and out of a total appraisal score of 10 points, I had obtained 8.3333 for BMB1204 Principles & Practice of Management and 9.0417 for BMB1209 Principles of Marketing. I suppose I did alright and as I comfortably ease into this Sunway "existence", I hope to see my score(s) improve. Amelia from School of Business Administration tells me those were good outcomes, and I am encouraged.

This evening, I was at the Sunway Toastmasters meeting. I didn’t take on any role but during the Table Topics session, my name was bounced about and so, I took the challenge to go upfront and launched my 2-minute impromptu speech. I also enjoyed Everlin's humor very much and which I thought was really cleverly comical! This time, their meeting was spirited, vibrant and zesty. At other times, their meetings labored under the weight of polite boredom.

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