Thursday, November 4, 2010

Double Victory for BN

The mystery note found in the late Teoh Beng Hock’s bag over a year ago and rumored to be his “suicide” note is not one, the police investigating officer (IO) told the coroner’s court today.

ASP Ahmad Nazri Ismail, tasked with leading the investigation on the 30-year-old’s sudden death under mysterious circumstances on July 16 last year, said he had been told a person who commits suicide would usually pen a note giving reasons why he chose to end his life.

MACC legal representative at the inquest, Abdul Razak Musa, had caused some consternation in the inquest for repeatedly calling the undated letter “the alleged suicide note” despite the coroner’s previous observation that there was no conclusive evidence to show Teoh had penned the note.

Now the whole world is laughing at him (again) because he has shown himself to be so dumb! And the Malaysian public can only blush with embarrassment.

BN's Linda Tsen has won the Batu Sapi by-election by a 6,359 majority. In Galas, BN's Ab Aziz Yusoff won by a 1,190 majority for a double victory for the cursed coalition. And I was so wrong about PR winning!

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