Thursday, November 4, 2010

Au Revoir

L-R: Suresh, Mike Cheang, Victor and Andrew Chan

L-R: Andrew Chan, Victor, Weehan, Shireen Ng, Martin and Jonathan Koh

L-R: Rachel Tan, Victor, Suresh, Mike Cheang, Adeel, Diana Chew and Iona Tan

L-R: Tan Siew Mei, Lim Joo Li, Weehan, Tan Wei Wei, Victor, Wong Chee Hong, Ivan Ong, Cheryl Ong and Jacklyn Low

L-R: Victor, Iona Tan and Shireen Ng

L-R: Victor, Andrew Chan, Rachel Tan and Shireen Ng

L-R: Aaron Leong, Victor and Martin

L-R: Victor Reddy and Sivaraj

L-R: Victor, Wae Yee, Angellica Ling, Prawn 虾咪, Jessie Tan and Weehan

L-R: Alan Tan and Angellica Ling

L-R: Victor, Wong Chee Hong and Lim Joo Li

L-R: Chew Pek Kuan, Tan Siew Mei and Lim Joo Li

L-R: Victor and Chew Pek Kuan

L-R: Victor and Jue Lyn

L-R: Martin, Shireen Ng and Victor

L-R: Tan Siew Mei and Victor

L-R: Tan Siew Mei and Victor

L-R: Victor and Rachel Tan

L-R: Victor and Valerie

On Wednesday, I was invited to the HICT’s Au Revoir Nite – which was their way of saying farewell to Klang since the college is moving to KL very soon. The event was held at the Empire Subang, Subang Jaya. I shall keep mum on last night since I was an invited guest! Still, it was fabulous to have met up with some of my fave people from Klang!

On the nineteenth day (i.e. today), I finally got my car back – what a relief!

And the other matter that came up in today’s Teoh Beng Hock inquest hearing was that police investigating officer, ASP Ahmad Nazri Zainal when testifying today, admitted he cannot rule out MACC officers as suspects in the political aide’s case.

This was due to MACC officer Raymond Nyion’s statement which contradicted some of his colleagues’ statements. When counsel representing Teoh’s family Gobind Singh Deo asked ASP Ahmad Nazri if he had investigated the discrepancies in the statements, the latter kept quiet. Some of the MACC officers had insisted that they were not there while Raymond had said they were there. When Gobind persisted “...but you didn’t question them?”. ASP Ahmad Nazri replied he had not received instructions to do so.

And finally, when Gobind pressed: “I put it to you that there was interference in your investigations and you were not given the freedom to investigate” – ASP Ahmad Nazri remained silent. Isn’t this all indicative of some kind of a cover-up?

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