Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Zombie Studies

Yesterday, BBC News highlighted a new course that should be of interest to SNHU students at HICT and ADTP students at Sunway UC – well, especially among those movie buffs anyway!

It is a class to die for – Zombie studies is now on the curriculum at Baltimore University. This course, which promises to "get you ready for a zombie apocalypse", invites students to devour classic zombie films and comics. Wow! The semester will be a real breeze – imagine going to classes and watching classics such as “Survival of the Dead” (2009); “Dead Snow” (2009); “Deadgirl” (2008); “Planet Terror” (2007); “Dawn of the Dead” (2004 and/or 1978); Shaun of the Dead (2004); 28 Days Later” (2002); “Braindead” (1992); and “Night of the Living Dead” (1968).

Dead Snow (2009)

Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Instead of essays, students write horror scripts or draw storyboards for their ideal monster movie.

The minor class, titled English 333, has already been dubbed "Zombie 101" by the Baltimore Sun newspaper. According to Jonathan Shorr, chairman of the university's school of communications design, it was introduced to meet a demand for "interesting, off-the-wall" courses for a new minor in pop culture. He explained "They think they're taking this wacko zombie course, and they are. But on the way, they learn how literature and mass media work”.

I would love to have the opportunity to teach this course!

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