Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Goalkeeper's Premature Celebration

Remember the game between England and USA in both countries’ Group C opener in the WC 2010 finals? England’s goalkeeper, Robert Green somehow allowed a Clint Dempsey speculative effort to slip through his fingers and into the net – to hand a 1-1 draw to the USA. How about this effort by FAR Rabat goalie Khalid Askri when during a penalty shootout, he thought he came up with a big stop and immediately began to celebrate his triumph, turning his back on the goal, patting his chest and kissing his badge in an abundance of pride and dripping self-confidence.

It happened during a tense match between Maghreb Fez and FAR Rabat to decide who reaches the quarterfinals of Morocco's Coupe du Trone, and they had to go to a penalty shootout to decide a winner.

As this YouTube video clip shows, what Khalid Askri didn't see was that the ball had some wicked spin on it and actually bounced back into the net after his initial block. And the referee did award the goal and his team ended up losing the shootout 7-6.

I am not sure which of the two goals was more embarrassing?!?!

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