Monday, September 6, 2010

Najib Demonizes Teo

This evening’s Toastmasters meeting gave me some stress because for a start, it took me two hours to get to the venue. And when I finally arrived, Lorna Fisher was kind enough to hand me the Toastmaster-of-the-Evening role. And then, smarty-pants that I am, I decided to also do a speech. Still, all’s well that ends well!

So yes, at this KL Advanced Toastmasters meeting, I just made up my mind to do a speech, i.e. CC speech # 5: Your Body Speaks – after all, there was ample time since only one speaker was scheduled – my title was “Unlucky in Love”. And it was the same speech I presented at the Humorous Speech contest on Saturday. I was timed 7 minutes 16 seconds – I realize now that this was too close for comfort! Believe me, I am learning from this episode!

Today, The Malaysian Insider reported that Najib has insisted that the DAP MP (i.e. Teo Nie Ching) has violated the National Fatwa Council’s decree when she entered the prayer hall of Surau Al-Huda, Kajang last month. He highlighted three reasons – first, non-Muslims must get permission from the mosque (or surau as the case may be); second, they must be appropriately attired before entering the said premise; and third, they cannot deliver a tazkirah (sermon).

Now, Najib seems determined to tar and feather DAP. But I repeat, Teo was invited by the surau management to enter.

And, yes, Teo had entered the prayer with her hair uncovered. It is true. See the photo of Teo. Indeed, women must cover themselves when entering a mosque. But examine these other photos of other people in the mosque or surau too. Why, the double standards?

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And, yes, Teo denied delivering a sermon, adding that she was only sharing about Selangor’s education assistance initiative.

So, Najib, let this issue rest. Behave like a Prime Minister, or else, you should just SHUT UP!

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