Sunday, September 19, 2010

Najib, Do Right for Sabah & Sarawak!

Now that the euphoria of the Malaysia Day celebration has died down, I say this to Najib! Seize the moment! It is time for the country’s Federal leaders to re-examine the Kuala Lumpur-Kota Kinabalu-Kuching relationship in order that they can address the imbalance between the center (i.e. Semenanjung) and the periphery (the two states of Sabah and Sarawak). As a Malaysian from Semenanjung, I acknowledge that we have been unjust to both our East Malaysian brethren. And please don’t divert lots of money to the two states just so to defend your BN vote bank! Do it because after 47 years of independence, Sabah and Sarawak – save the cities and large towns – are still backward in terms of infrastructure and economic development. Do it for the people, for fellow Malaysians!

Last Friday, Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad posted photos in his blog, showing UMNO and MIC politicians speaking in mosques and suraus and presenting checks (Blogpage I am reproducing only one photo – that of MP Hulu Selangor, P Kamalanathan and others in Masjid Sg. Tengi Selatan this year itself. Is this not hypocrisy? Why pick on Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching?

Arsenal and Sunderland battled to a 1-1 draw in this EPL match. Ten-man Arsenal was a pretty much subdued team and it was the Black Cats who actually played with more aggression! The Gunners took the lead when Cesc Fabregas's block on Anton Ferdinand's clearance flew in from 40 yards (13) – what you would call a lucky goal – and Darren Bent’s injury-time strike (90+5) deservingly evened the score for Sunderland.

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