Saturday, September 11, 2010

Flooding in Singapore II

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Floods are becoming more common in Singapore these days – and to think that we used to complain whenever we experienced flash floods in KL! At least, now we know we are not the only ones to suffer whenever the torrential rains come! Last Wednesday, a downpour of just over two hours caused parts of Singapore’s CBD to be submerged under water.

Are the floods due to the over-development of a congested urban landscape? Or are the floods due to so much rain pouring from the drenched skies in a short space of time? Or have city planners not taken into account that in tropical climates such as ours, sudden downpours can be common and as such, there is a need for big culverts to allow for the rainwater to run-off? Methinks it’s all of these reasons.

Well, if this is going to be a semi-permanent feature in Singapore (and Malaysia) – let’s look at the lighter side of life! When the rain waters reach your doorstep, then you will have a waterfront home (or office)! But the downside is that property prices will depreciate very quickly! Hahahaha!

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