Monday, September 20, 2010

Blame It On the Opposition

Mukhriz Mahathir who’s the Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister farted an unbelievably stupid comment on Saturday. The words that were expelled from his posterior end had the effect of claiming that the disparaging remarks by the Opposition (i.e. PR) directed at the BN government had instilled fear in foreign investors, so much so that FDI in 2008 and 2009 dropped by up to 81 percent (Webpage, posted September 18, 2010).

And then he gave off another farty claim that the resourceful efforts by his government had successfully yielded RM5.60 billion in FDI in the first three months of this year, almost as much as the RM5.66 billion in FDI for the whole of last year. I suppose the Opposition must have been too preoccupied with their internal politics this year – therefore, our benevolent government was able to pull in the much-needed FDI on the sly! That’s why I have developed this theory that any Malaysian who actually listens to our bovine ministers talk, will end up becoming very stupid.

Yesterday, US officials declared BP's broken well “dead", five months after the deadly oil rig explosion that set off one of the costliest and largest environmental disasters ever – the busted undersea well had gushed 4.9 million barrels (206 million gallons) into the Gulf of Mexico. Retired admiral Thad Allen, the US pointman for the response to the disaster, said the operation to intersect and cement the deepwater well had been successfully completed.

No oil has leaked into the Gulf in the three months since the well off the Louisiana coast was plugged in a so-called "top kill" operation, but the US administration insisted that it also be sealed from the bottom with a relief well. A final pressure test of the cement seal was completed at 5:54 am (1054 GMT), officials said. And finally, it is over.

The Obama administration also imposed a moratorium on deepwater drilling, setting back another mainstay of the Gulf economy. Multiple investigations into the disaster are still under way and official responsibility has yet to be meted out. And BP has already spent eight billion dollars trying to contain the disaster and has forecast it will eventually cost the energy giant more than 32.2 billion dollars.

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