Monday, August 16, 2010

Pesky Mosquito

A new day at a new location! The start of a new working life at Sunway University College!
Wow! Today, Koh Tsu Koon hit the front page news in The Sun! The Gerakan president is advising everybody to "stop the politicking" and this self-evident truth from a failed politician earned him prominent space in a "free" newspaper! And to illustrate how clever and enlightened and wise he is, he lambasted both BN and PR. "Gerakan is lashing out at both sides (of the political divide). We don't care. We speak (based) on our conscience," he said. And he pointed out that more focus had been given to "harsh words rather than hard work" - now isn't this contradictory? He should practice what he preaches. Well done is better than well said. He should just shut up and focus on resuscitating a terminally-ill party that is Gerakan. Do you think anybody will listen to him? Who really gives a shit about Koh Tsu Koon? He is just an ordinary mosquito. And ordinarily, mosquitoes are little more than a mild irritant. Will somebody tell this pesky mosquito to buzz off?

The EPL has begun with the Reds meeting the Gunners. I thought Arsenal played a better game. And with Joe Cole being red-carded in the first half itself, it was to the Reds' credit that they could still keep Arsenal at bay. even with just ten men. And the Reds rejoiced when Javier Mascherano seized on a loose ball to play in David Ngog, who angled in a shot (46). But late in the game, Rosicky whipped in a cross into the Reds area and goalie Pepe Reina's normal assured manner deserted him and he accidentally bundled the ball into his own net (90+1) to hand Arsenal a 1-1 draw. It was not a perfect start for Liverpool but they played with optimism.

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