Friday, August 27, 2010

Chua's Version of Press Freedom

Chua Soi Lek may think he is a learned man but it doesn’t mean his brain cells are functioning well. He was reported to have said that “we value press freedom, we value freedom of the radio but with all freedom, it comes with responsibility. No country in the world has unfettered freedom. No, so every freedom must come with responsibility. More so in a multi-racial country like Malaysia which still have a lot of sensitive issues".

Okay, if I am to buy this argument, then who decides the boundaries between what is “responsible” and what is “irresponsible”? Knowing Chua, he will claim the government knows best – even if they are a discredited bunch of Machiavellian malcontents!

Also how does he explain the fact that MCA controls both Star Publications and StarFM despite their leadership pledging their support for press freedom? How do you equate “freedom” with “control”? Does he not believe that this country can discuss and debate “sensitive issues” regarding race and religion in a manner that is civil, cordial and peaceable? Does he doubt the country’s maturity? Ironically, it's the race-based political parties (i.e. UMNO, MCA) or the NGOs that are helmed by politicians (i.e. Perkasa) that are raising the mercury levels because they are the ones that are flaunting race and religion to use as a political instrument. So who can help to restrain and curtail them if they persist to go overboard? In my opinion, a free press can play this useful moderating role.

Liverpool secured their place in the group stages of the Europa League courtesy of a difficult win at Trabzonspor. The Turkish side drew level 1-1 on aggregate when Teofilo Gutierrez slotted in from a Gustavo Colman shot (4). Liverpool’s goals came late on in the match. First, it was an own goal when Trabzonspor's Giray Kacar put a Glen Johnson cross into his own net (84), followed by a second goal when Dirk Kuyt slotted in after Daniel Pacheco's shot had been parried into his path (88). Therefore, a 3-1 win on aggreggate for the Reds, and what a relief for them!

Disjointed Celtic were eliminated from the Europa League in brutal fashion by FC Utrecht, conceding four goals in a one-sided second leg in the Netherlands. It’s really depressing that a 2-goal lead could not be defended and they surrendered to their opponents with a 2-4 loss on aggregate.
I don't think they were even in the game, so it wasn't surprising that they lost!

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