Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Chinese Warrior

At the Chinese Economic Congress last weekend, Chua Soi Lek, president of the discredited MCA had called for a reduction of the 30 per cent Bumiputra target to liberalize the economy and had proposed appointing more non-Bumiputras in government-linked companies (GLCs), besides creating an open tender system for government procurements. And as soon as he uttered those words, a flaming salvo of disapproving responses from UMNO politicians including Muhyiddin came at him.

Chua put on his rhino armor and went into battle. He chided UMNO’s No. 2 Muhyiddin Yassin for using the May 13 incident to warn the MCA against undermining BN when fighting for the Chinese community, and added that there was no need to beat the “racial war drum” because Malaysians were now more mature, adding that what MCA was asking for was not at the expense of other communities (Webpage, posted August 17, 2010).

He criticized UMNO vice-president Hishammuddin Hussein for the latter’s response, saying MCA will not run away from speaking up for the Chinese community. Of course, they would not run away lah because all this while, MCA had been on the run until there was nowhere else to escape! They had reached a dead-end. They would have to turn around to either surrender or to fight back. Chua probably decided 'enough is enough' and so he lobbed two grenades (aiming at Muhyiddin and Hishammuddin) to signal everybody that he is making a stand. Hopefully, it won't be anything like Custer's last stand!

And Chua flexed his muscles and bellowed that the party would not be afraid to side with their opposition foe DAP on issues that benefited the community. The drums of war beat louder.

And soon, more UMNO politicians rushed forward, beating their chests in obstreperous outrage at Chua’s belligerent position. And of course, Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali also swaggered in to taunt and mock, labeling Chua the "Chinese warrior".

Today, The Malaysian Insider reported Nazri Aziz, the outspoken Padang Rengas MP scolding his own colleagues in UMNO and MCA leaders for their very public flare-up, claiming that they were not acting in the spirit of 1Malaysia. Wah, as if the mere mention of the magical word 1Malaysia would stop this war of words between the two political allies. And he blamed the sparring leaders for the public’s lack of respect for politicians because of this fierce and frenzied altercation.

For a guy who’s normally spewing rot, he surely appeared statesmanlike as he chose to play the role of peacemaker and called on both allies to play nice. I marvel that Najib Razak, the paramount chief of UMNO and BN could remain remarkably zipped. It is as if he has gone into hiding and waiting for the storm to pass. Maybe that is a better strategy. After all, both warring parties are both right and wrong!

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