Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crime in Klang

There was a one-page article in Star’s Metro section yesterday, with a very intriguing headline “Plants help reduce crime”! It was reported that at the annual Chelsea Flower Show in London recently, Capel Manor College had highlighted the power of plants in curbing crime. According to this college, “studies in the US have shown that green urban areas experience up to 52% less crime compared with areas without plants, while attractive window boxes are said to have helped reduce the fear of crime” (p M14). It wasn’t surprising to know that the college so happens to offer courses on the “power of plants” including how to plant different types of roses to keep burglars away!
Now before anybody brushes this off as just plain nonsense – it is true! I googled for more info and according to one article (http://yourlocalsecurity.com/home-security-articles/, posted June 25, 2010), there was this advice: “Plant roses or other thorny bushes in front of windows. This is actually a very effective home security measure. Basement windows, and ground-level windows are the most vulnerable. Planting thorny bushes in front of them, right up against the house, is a very good way to keep burglars away from them. Some options you have are the Pyracantha, which is a thorny evergreen shrub, the Barberry, which is commonly referred to as a "sticker bush" with their distinct three-pronged thorns, and Roses, which can grow into dense thickets that will deter most burglars”.

So let’s do gardening! In crime-prone Klang, this makes more sense because the local police here are largely ineffective! If you think I don’t know what I am talking about – well, in the last 7 days, there was one attempted mugging and one home burglary near HICT, and both concern my SNHU students. And these are only the cases that I know of! Did the IGP and/or Hishammuddin said that the crime rate has plunged? What a joke! Sorry, it isn't funny! I am not even laughing!

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