Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sarawak Police Deny

Before I proceeded to Rejab for my breakfast, I took the opportunity to grab a copy of The Sun from the 7-Eleven store next door. I like to begin a new day by reading something, even if for just awhile, and a newspaper is always a good start. It was actually a delight to hold onto a printed newspaper. For someone who regularly spends an hour or two checking out news online, the feel of a crisp newspaper in my hands this morning was indeed a pleasurable experience. There was something very appealing, very tactile in the way I fold the paper, turn the pages or go back to something I missed.

And it was in page 7 that I read that the Sarawak Police Commissioner Mohmad Salleh has dismissed claims of a police cover-up involving the alleged rape of a Penan woman in remote Ulu Baram. He denied that the police had been concealing facts pertaining to the case but – and here’s the surprising clincher – the alleged victim failed to cooperate with the police. Eh, say that again? If the victim has come forward, then how can she be uncooperative? It doesn’t make any sense at all! Can our police communicate with the Penans? Do they know how to ask questions? Are they sensitive to the Penans? Are they fair in their investigations? I ask these questions because this is not the first time these forced sexual ‘encounters’ were reported by NGOs, but todate, there has been no progress of any kind! This news snippet relates to a posting I made early this morning regarding this neglected Sarawak community.

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