Sunday, July 4, 2010

Room Setup

I was at the Shaklee Family Dynamic Toastmasters meeting this evening. One complaint is that they did not have sufficient copies of the meeting agenda for distribution. Anyway, there were a couple of good speeches today and I suppose they compensated for an otherwise pedestrian meeting. One suggestion they should seriously consider is their meeting arrangements. Their seats were organized theater style – they should change it because it is really not conducive for a Toastmasters meeting. This type of room setup encourages passivity; it does not promote audience participation and note-taking is cumbersome for role-players.

To ensure a Toastmasters meeting’s effectiveness, they should have a U-shaped arrangement (most Toastmasters meetings adopt this format) to promote equality and interaction, or if this is not possible, they could have rows of chairs facing each other instead. We must remember that seating arrangements set the tone of any meeting. And it also allows us to connect with one another. Isn’t that what Toastmasters is all about?

Maya Maju project director Md Nizam Md Sheriff had denied that their foreign workers at the Istana Negara construction site were not paid salaries. He only admitted that there were some workers who received their wages two weeks late. As he told the press conference “It’s just a small matter that has been blown out of proportion”. This was reported in the Star yesterday (p N10).

What can I conclude from the above? That the Star’s investigative journalism had painted this episode as a palette of colourful untruths and showy fabrications? Or the alleged villains had quickly covered their tracks and paid the workers, so there is no issue? Methinks, the Star had better clarify this circumstance and quickly – otherwise, their integrity and credibility will be torn and ripped to shreds. But then, the Star is owned by MCA and we all know MCA is gutless!

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