Friday, July 2, 2010

Public Speaking

The other day, some of my SNHU students (i.e. Tan Wei Wei, Chew Pek Kuan, Lim Joo Li, Wong Hong and a few others) came to me for guidance on their speaking assignments. They were preparing for their “Public Speaking” course, and I gave them some tips on how to improve – of course, I am qualified. After all, I am a Toastmaster! Anyway, I have been told that all of them got As for their speeches! That's great!

I was pleased to read that human rights group Lawyers for Liberty, representing migrant workers at the Istana Negara project lodged a police report to claim the workers were not paid by their employers and that they faced extortion from police during raids (Star, July 01, 2010, p N18). One of these lawyers, Fadiah Nadwa Fikri said the group had personally spoken to the workers and had written-and-signed confessions from them about the abuse claims. The police had disgraced themselves when they confiscated workers’ belongings. Worse, the police raiding teams were also said to have representatives that met workers’ representatives to negotiate a sum to release detained workers.

The Star also mentioned that a statement made by Human Resources Minister S Subramaniam that there was no truth in the allegations because no reports were lodged, was rebutted by another lawyer, Latheefa Koya who said once the plight was highlighted, the Labor Department had the authority to enter any site to investigate under the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act. She added that the signed confessions from the workers were proof that things were not right at the Istana Negara construction site.

I guess this is not surprising because Malaysian authorities have a habit of always locking themselves up in a cell of self-denial.


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Chickubaby said... me.. i got A- sir.. haha.. thx for ur advice.. i'm glad i had done great too =)

Glam said...

Yes, you too - I am happy you and the others did well! Stay confident always!