Thursday, July 8, 2010


Yesterday, Chew Pek Kuan and friends organized a luncheon at Popeyes. Above are photos of SNHU students who came and as you can see from the smiling faces, we had a fabulous time of bonding and sharing. (Woo-hoo! For a change, the guys were sitting, and the gals standing!) The day before, it was Evon Phang and company. With the semester drawing to a close, students at HICT love to celebrate with lunch parties.

I delivered my CC speech # 3: Get to the Point, titled “Please let me die!” touching on the subject of euthanasia at the D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters meeting. My evaluator was G Subramaniam, DTM who gave me a thumbs up. Somebody said it was touching as well. And so, I was voted the Best Assignment Speaker, beating 3 other presenters Dinesh, Lay Kun, and Dennis Wee. Again, we had a talk, which we refer to as a 101 Session, and this week, it was from our own member Joyce Hue on "Hypnotherapy" – which means we have sacrificed our Table Topics session. Oh yes, we inducted three new members, and one of them, Nur Iylia chose me to be her mentor! Thank you, I am flattered! And this meeting will be remembered as one where the time-keeper lost track of time and so, allowed it to drag on until very late. Do more time-keeping roles, SK Khor – you need the practise, hehe!

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