Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Missing Laptop at HICT

I told you, didn’t I that Klang is not a very safe place? Well, barely 40 minutes ago, in HICT's premise, a student has just discovered that his laptop had quietly walked away. He is not my student but from an Engineering Diploma program. I know about this incident because this student came and told me personally – I happened to be teaching in the classroom next to his class. He left his laptop for awhile and when he came back – it was gone!
UMNO Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin is not as stupid as he often makes himself out to be! In one of those few moments of mental alertness, he mildly rebuked Senator Ezam Mohd Nor (the PKR turncoat who's now with UMNO) when the former said that “the controversy involving unpaid foreign workers at the new palace should not be turned into a racial issue”. He added that the latter had blown the issue out of proportion when he accused Star and Malaysiakini of being “anti-national institutions and against Istana Negara”. Khairy was correct to say that “highlighting the plight of these workers is not only to bring justice to the foreign workers but also to ensure that the contractor delivers a good job and the palace is built properly for the royal institution”. After all, if the reports had been inaccurate, Khairy advised the contractor (i.e. Maya Maju) to step forward and clarify the matter, at least that's what the Star reported yesterday (p N12). Okay lah, I shall compliment him – well done, Khairy! Now you’re talking sense!

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