Saturday, July 17, 2010

HELP UC Toastmasters

I attended the HELP University College Toastmasters meeting, and I must say, it was a very energetic, spirited and perky meeting that I witnessed, especially for a Saturday morning. Although Toastmasters meetings are always full of enthusiastic fervor – this morning’s proceedings were a blast! When you put people like Jason, Ivan and the other zestful members in a room, what can you expect, except a great meeting? There were table topics, project speeches and evaluations – the essential ingredients of an excellent Toastmasters meeting. Indeed, it was excellent!

I was asked to be one of seven evaluators (yes, the members were really gung-ho, that they indeed delivered seven speeches!) and I was pleasantly surprised when I took home a certificate and trophy for being voted Best Evaluator! I evaluated Qin Mei who surprised everyone by delivering an impromptu speech from the “Speaking to Inform” manual – I reckoned she took about 45 minutes to prepare her speech. Y'see, she wasn't in the original line-up of speakers. What made her to pull a stunt like that? Well, Jason (the VP Education) put her up to it – he had persuaded her to speak, to take advantage of my presence! To her credit, she took up the gauntlet. She was brimming with confidence and I marvelled at the ease in which she spoke. And she spoke well. Of course, for a speech that is meant to be informative – It was the first speech from the advanced manual “The Speech to Inform” and the title was “Self-defense 201: Staying Safe” – it helps that she is into martial arts, specifically Taekwondo.

Also, Cassandra Wong and Jason Moi won Best Table Topics and Best Assignment speakers' awards respectively. There were Toastmasters from other clubs who took up supporting roles: Janice Lee (TTDI Toastmasters Club) whom I had met on Thursday at the MIA Toastmasters meeting was the General Evaluator and Mohd Hadzrin Shah (UEM Academy Toastmasters Club) was the evaluator for Zoe Lo. Good to see Mantissa Toastmasters Club members too. I certainly enjoyed the meeting and I promised myself I will come again!

I only just picked out this news bulletin: UK doctors are advising football fans who went to the World Cup in South Africa to check their HIV status if they had unprotected sex on their trip (BBC News, posted July 16, 2010). So who says England is coming back empty-handed?

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