Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cocky Chua

I gave a CC speech # 4: How to Say It, titled “The Unfinished Story” at the Taman Indrahana Toastmasters meeting this evening. My evaluator was Lim Thian Seng ACS CL, a veteran evaluator who is very much-respected. I did well – the language I portrayed was vivid and generously infused with rhetorical devices. In fact, Thian Seng said my opening was scintillating because he was able to relate to all 5 senses!
Chua Soi Lek, MCA President is a real cocky cowboy who is quick on the draw. He has decided to come out with both guns blazing in a do-or-die shootout. In fact, he thinks he is a great gunslinger and so, with nary a thought, he aimed one .45 caliber Schofield Single Action pistol at the Selangor government, shooting them for their failure to deliver on their election pledges, and his second revolver was directed at the Penang CM for getting himself embroiled in a quarrel with a federal civil servant (Check out the Star, July 26, 2010, pp N1, N8). Chua may claim “I am not trying to show off ...”, but he does seem trigger-happy! Still, he is not so stupid as to be not aware that he as well as the MCA can be caught in a deadly crossfire. After all, the other side can call upon firepower too. Still Chua is trying to go on the offensive. He has little choice. He admits that “if MCA cannot regain the support from the people, especially the Chinese community, we will not survive in politics” (The Sun, July 26, 2010, p 2). I am smirking at this thought! What chance does MCA has? Zilch, I reckon!

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