Wednesday, July 21, 2010

5th Video Clip for MKT222

I didn't realize that HICT has so many budding actors! The fifth video clip is shown here:

I was the General Evaluator for today’s meeting in my home club, HICT Toastmasters Club. I was really pleased that members practiced punctuality – we actually started the meeting on time! There were four speakers, and one of them delivered a speech from an advanced manual – which meant that I was roped in to be Alan Tan’s evaluator. Two "young" speakers (Mehala and Angellica) did their CC speech # 2 and they showed real potential. I, too, realized that for our members to really progress – they have to get out of Klang. I advised members to be adventurous and to gain exposure amongst experienced Toastmasters in other clubs in order that they can accelerate their learning. All appeared receptive to my suggestion, which is great!
Oon Yeoh believes that the opposition parties shouldn’t worry about the government clampdown on their newspapers. He advocates that PR should create their own media channels online – rather than complain endlessly about lack of access to traditional media channels which are regulated or controlled by the government (The Sun, July 21, 2010, p 13). As he says: “No newspapers? Use Wordpress. No radio? Create podcasts. No TV? YouTube. Can’t afford Apco? Use Facebook and Twitter!” I agree wholeheartedly!

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