Thursday, July 1, 2010

2Q 2010 Progress Report

Like in the previous year, my 2Q results are being scrutinized, and at the halfway stage, all I can say is that it is very much a mixed bag of positive and negative outcomes. I realize that I must really press on the accelerator pedal if I wish to reach my destination as planned.

2Q 2010 Progress Report: 2010 Resolution List

1. Start writing my Marketing textbook (Still to get started)
2. Start my second Masters (Still to get started)
3. Write my Ph D proposal and submit for approval (Still to get started although the University has been identified)
4. Write two short stories and get them published (Struggling to continue after two paragraphs – writer’s block?)
5. Complete 10 ACG-qualifying speeches and achieve Toastmasters’ ACG and ALB recognitions (Achieved ACG title, i.e. 50%)
6. Teach 1000 hours for period October 2009-September 2010 (As at June 30, I have completed 628 hrs of teaching, i.e. 62.8%)
7. Direct 45,000 visits to my blog (As at June 30, my blog "As I See It" scored 29,191 hits, i.e. 64.9%)

Liverpool signed Roy Hodgson Thursday as its new manager on a three-year contract as the Premier League club attempts to return to the Champions League. But let's be honest - this might be a tall order for him! Still like it or not, Liverpool fans must learn to accept the inevitable decision of his appointment, and pray that he can swing the luckless fortunes of Liverpool FC. Let us pray...

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