Monday, June 28, 2010

Yellow Brick Road

It escaped me when I first read it, but then I only just realized that the extravagance of the palace is one ‘sore’ thing, but we are also building an elevated highway to the main entrance of the palace – awarded to Ahmad Zaki Sdn Bhd – that is going to cost taxpayers another RM130 million (Sunday Star, June 27, 2010, p N5). Wow, this must be the Malaysian version of the ‘yellow brick road’, the proverbial pathway to kingly opulence. Then, I remembered reading Art Harun’s Friday blog posting, where he too did gripe about our government’s unrestrained spending – and mentioning that he actually visited the Jalan Duta site and estimated that this dedicated road is at the most 3 kilometers long. This works out to RM43.3 million per kilometer of asphalt. Isn’t this outrageously overpriced? Maybe the road builder did intend to pave the road with gold after all?

When Idris Jala declared on May 27 that Malaysia may possibly go bankrupt by 2019 – perhaps his own colleagues in Government were not listening!? Idris, will you kindly rap their knuckles for not paying attention?

And the WC game between Mexico and Argentina saw the latter disposed of the former to seal a quarter-final tie against Germany. Argentina’s 3-1 win came from Carlos Tevez (25, 52) and Gonzalo Higuain (33). And Mexico’s consolation goal came from Javier Hernandez (71).

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