Friday, June 25, 2010

Where is the Justice?

Anwar Ibrahim suffered a body blow in his sodomy trial on Friday after he was denied access to statements by his accuser which he hoped would force the case to collapse (Webpage
Anwar, a former deputy premier who was sacked and jailed nearly twelve years ago, on trumped-up charges of sodomy and corruption, and subsequently put through two trials which were condemned around the world as manifestly flawed and politically motivated, has a new charge of sodomy hanging over his head – after a police report was lodged by Saiful Bukhari, a junior aide in his office, alleging incidents of sodomy without consent.

His lawyers have applied for all statements that Saiful has made about the alleged incidents, but the bid was denied by the High Court in May and the decision was upheld by the Court of Appeal on Friday.

"This is a serious miscarriage of justice. My client will suffer serious injustice," Anwar's lawyer Sankara Nair told AFP. "The statements would have shown clear contradictions (in Saiful's testimony)," he said, adding that they could see Saiful impeached and force the entire case to collapse. The lawyer said the defense will appeal against the ruling.

Anwar has lost a series of legal maneuvers, including efforts to get access to medical reports and clinical notes on his accuser and the defense has said this would hamper their cross-examination.
Ominously, the main members of the prosecution team were all involved in the earlier cases, which involved fabrication of evidence and suppression of evidence favorable to the defendant, but an application to disqualify this tainted prosecution team met with failure.

In the present case, the alleged victim is known to have had contact (and in fact testified in court) with senior police officers and high-level UMNO politicians, including the prime minister and his lovely first lady, before he made his police report against Anwar.
Where is the justice?

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