Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shireen's Making a Speech

Today I submitted my fifth and last batch of questionnaires – this time, a set of 13 questionnaires, and coupled with KY Leong’s 99 questionnaires – we should have enough to start working on our “Entrepreneurship” project paper.

It is always nice to be recognized – last night, Dr. Paul Chan sent an email thanking everybody for the successful realization of the Northumbria University collaboration with HELP. I also received a small mention because I introduced the University to Dr. Chan about a year ago. At least he remembered.

This evening, HICT Toastmasters had their meeting and it was great to see two key members returning to its fold. Shireen purposely took half a day off in order to attend the meeting – and in the process she delivered her long-overdue CC speech # 7: Research Your Topic titled “Please kill me”. In case, you are getting alarmed by this title – no worries, it is actually about euthanasia. By the way, I was her evaluator and this time, she seemed affected by a shiver of nervousness. Certainly, that can happen even to accomplished speakers especially when there is a long break between making speeches. Still, for those who know her, you can bet she won’t disappoint. And she didn’t. I told you so wad! The quality of her speechmaking was still intact and wondrous to my ears. Also I was glad to be back because I missed the last two meetings – prior engagements had prevented me from attending, that's why!

Overall, it was a marvelous meeting – Lorna Fisher (i.e. General Evaluator) and Vincent Soon (Evaluator for Alan Tan) were gracious enough to accept our invitation to come. And our new members picked up valuable tips from these eminent Toastmasters. A new Executive Committee is poised to take over tomorrow and I must say they are very gung-ho about it, which is fantastic! The other great piece of news is that HICT Toastmasters Club has finally achieved Distinguished Club recognition in only our second year of existence because we have fulfilled 6 of the 10 goals! For the 2010-2011 year, we should aim to achieve more goals and possibly, earn the President's Distinguished Club award. We have entrusted the leadership of this club to Mike Cheang and a new team and even as we put our faith in them – in my books, at least, they have already succeeded.

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