Monday, June 21, 2010

Nazir Calls for NEP Review

The Malaysian Insider yesterday echoed CIMB chief Nazir Razak’s call for a review of the New Economic Policy (NEP), adding that the policy has been unfair to the majority of Malays. Nazir, who is also a younger brother to Prime Minister Najib Razak, said the time has come for the government to protect the interest of the majority of the Malays and not just a select few. I would use the word ‘privileged’ and the so-called ‘select few’ of course, refers to the UMNO cronies.

Najib will do well to heed this advice. Even if he does, it is improbable that UMNO will. Maybe as Lim Guan Eng suggested, Najib should form a new party and call it 1Malaysia since he claims to be so passionate about 1Malaysia. I sensed too that Najib’s public expressions are not congruent with UMNO members’ sentiments. But then again, this is politics – is Najib to be believed? Or is he faking it? Putting aside my own personal feelings about him – only Time will tell whether I am right or wrong about him.

On Sunday night (or early morning in Malaysia), Brazil convincingly beat Ivory Coast 3-1 to qualify for the Round of 16. If we care to study the WC results so far, nobody has been able to beat Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, or Uruguay.

And today, I just heard the news – I couldn’t watch this game, much as I wanted to – that Portugal ripped North Korea apart to claim their first win of this World Cup in grand style by scoring 7 goals to nil. The two sides were only separated by Raul Meireles' goal at half-time, but Portugal gave a scintillating attacking display after the break to score six goals and spark their tournament into life.

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