Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Libido Man

I spied this news report from the Star awhile back and I chose to ignore it – but last Sunday, again the same newspaper highlighted this story about a supposedly unassuming Bahasa Malaysia teacher from SMK Menerong, Terengganu – Alias Ismail. But I couldn’t stay silent this time around because as I absorbed the news, I went into coughing spasms and choked on my saliva.

Alias who was the inaugural recipient of the state-initiated Tokoh Nilam award to honor an outstanding teacher, had publicly shared with Malaysians at large that his ‘success’ was due to voracious reading and having sex nightly – although I am not quite sure in which sequence or whether they are done simultaneously. He had insisted that these two exertions are productive and they have kept him energetic during the day!
Photo credit: Sunday Star, June 06, 2010, p N5

The Sunday Star had mentioned that Alias and wife still sleep on a mattress and live in a wooden house because his salary is spent on buying books and other reading material. I am assuming that he does spend money on life’s necessities too. Okay, that covers his appetite for books. And what about this everyday matter of sex? Both husband and wife must have enduring staying power. See the photo above? Maybe his wife is serving him coffee with Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) extract which is reputed to enhance sexual performance!?

Actually, I am puzzled as to why the Star did a feature on Alias? If it was because of this teaching award, wouldn’t it make sense for the newspaper to focus on his teaching accomplishments? Or perhaps the newspaper could have asked him what makes him deserving of this award? Or what he thought about his students? Or if he is so energized, is he – like me – teaching in excess of 1,000 hours a year? Or even mundane questions like the state of education in Malaysia? Well, nothing of this sort, I'm afraid. I suppose Malaysians are not keen to know this boring stuff – we seem more eager to learn about his sexual stamina, or is the Star being assumptive? But then I cannot totally blame the Star either because it was Alias who revealed that he had sex nightly! I guess he is very proud of his sexual prowess. Wow, Libido Man in Bolehland! Is anybody taking the initiative to enter him in the Malaysian Book of Records? His wife, Rosmawati Abdullah had said that she was proud of her husband’s honesty! And she added that those who criticized her husband were still stuck in the “old school of thought” (Sunday Star, June 06, 2010, p N5). Oh dear, am I so prudish?

And maybe, just maybe there is a message in this news story. Allow me to breathe in deeply. Students who engage in sex nightly will also love to read and they may do well in their studies because they have high energy levels. Yup, this may sound ludicrous but can you blame me for thinking this way? Actually, this can be a good research topic!

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