Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ibrahim Disagrees with Nazir

Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali rebuffed yesterday Nazir Razak’s criticisms of the New Economic Policy (NEP) by pointing out that the CIMB chief was also a product of affirmative action policies.

Speaking to The Malaysian Insider, Ibrahim urged the Prime Minister's brother to be fair in assessing pro-Bumiputera policies in Malaysia. In other words, Ibrahim wants Nazir to temper his criticism of the NEP because the former prefers to see his connected Malay bethren to continue to remain backward and become dependent on patronage and cronyism.

And yes, Spain beat Honduras 2-0 as the former got their WC campaign back on track with this comfortable victory over Honduras. The Spaniards showed spunk this time around and dominated proceedings from the outset while the Hondurans were plainly not good enough.

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