Monday, June 21, 2010

Capello Blames Pressure

I didn’t watch the Portugal-North Korea game because I was attending the KL Advanced Toastmasters club meeting – the last meeting for this term. Besides, I was the Timekeeper today. Oh well, I know I couldn’t watch every match, but I will certainly endeavor to select those matches that I am particularly keen on, especially those involving France, Germany and England.

And the news just came in that Chile beat Switzerland 1-0. BBC Sport reported that on one or two occasions, Chile even had 10 men permanently camped inside Switzerland's half – but they just couldn’t score until the 74th minute, that is.

England manager Fabio Capello – FA expects Capello to quit if England make early exit – gave a very unimaginative excuse when he blamed pressure for their stuttering World Cup campaign. "It is a mental thing. Absolutely. When you are under pressure, big pressure, sometimes the legs do not work normally," Capello told BBC Sport (Webpage, posted today). What BS! We are talking about experienced star-players such as Rooney, Lampard, Terry and Gerrard – if they cannot handle pressure and therefore, they are not performing, Capello should just sack them all! Or is he gutless?

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