Sunday, June 13, 2010

Goallie Blunder

I am not an England supporter and so I didn’t watch this match. But this morning, I read that England battled USA to a 1-1 draw. And the highlight of the match it seems was the embarrassing blunder by Rob Green, the England goalie, who let a Clint Dempsey shot from distance dribble into his net after bouncing off his hands. Unbelievable by any standards, as Green was kneeling down with his body behind the ball and appeared to be all set to make an easy scoop – but his hands just refused to cooperate.

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Today's Sunday Star WC report (p S58) had mentioned that Argentina had a total of 7 shots on goal and Nigeria only one – but only one goal to show for the whole duration of the match. Still, it was an interesting game and with Lionel Messi in mesmerizing form – I didn't expect anything less.

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