Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Condo Cocoon

I went to this absorbing play last night at the PJ Live Arts in Jaya One, PJ. Speakers Dream Toastmasters club members had staged a play titled "The Condo Cocoon". This is an original Malaysian play written and directed by K Loghandran (World Award Winner in Public Speaking) and based on a true character. It tells of Angela, a straight ‘A’ student who is set up by her own ex-schoolmates to marry a playboy lawyer. The marriage predictably ends in divorce. Years later, when Angela meets an ex-convict, Sam, and learns the truth, she plans her revenge. These acting Toastmasters include Lolitha Chin, Vijay V, Chow Mun Yuen, Larry Hoo and Lay Choo. Among the motley group of talented play-actors, I liked Larry’s characterization of Golan, the condo spirit the best. In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed this play!

Serious questions must now be asked why a £5m-a-year manager and his vast coaching staff could not take England forward. See the photo on the left and see Capello’s befuddlement.

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lisa_d said...

Maybe I thoroughly enjoyed this play when I am there.

Deirdre G
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