Monday, June 28, 2010

Build and Demolish

In yet another instance of fiscal wastefulness, yesterday’s Sunday Star (p N16) glibly reported Tourism Minister Dr Ng Yen Yen as saying that the controversial Penang Botanic Gardens arches costing RM150,000 will be demolished. And her daffy reason for this turnaround? She said the decision was made after a majority of the people who visited the place voiced their views that the arches should be removed. The truth is, many people, especially those from Penang had protested at these grotesque concrete aberrations early on but they were promptly ignored. Is she stupid or what? At the beginning stage, she refused to listen. Now she changed her tune and she listened. What’s her point again? I suppose calling her stupid would be a grave insult to stupid people!

Sunday Star had published the results of an opinion poll – conducted by Universiti Sains Malaysia at the site from June 12 to 18 – of which 71% or 873 out of 1,225 respondents wanted the arches to be demolished.

The arches, which are part of the gardens’ RM7 million expansion project, have drawn intense criticism from NGOs like the Friends of Penang Botanic Gardens Society and the Consumers’ Association of Penang – who felt that the arches had marred the beauty of the place. See for yourself the arches in the photo below – the inspiration must have come from the big black hole that is Ng Yen Yen’s barren mind!

Photo credit: Sunday Star, June 27, 2010, p N16

Malaysian Nature Society Penang branch chairman Kanda Kumar said “If the authorities had listened to us earlier, they would not have spent so much money to put it up and now to pull it down”. Is he ignorant or what? The government needs to spend money even if it is lavish – just so to help the Malaysian economy along! After all, if taxpayers continue to stupidly vote for BN, it means that we have given these people the license to spend our money any way they wish, any time they want!

In the WC game between Slovakia and Netherlands, the former lost 1-2 to the latter – the Dutch scoring a goal in each half through Arjen Robben (18) and Wesley Sneijder (84) – a victory which puts them into the World Cup quarter-finals. Slovakia’s goal came from a penalty in the dying seconds of the match through Robert Vittek (90+4).