Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shahrizat is Ashamed

I do think it is very commendable what the Penang government is doing for Penangites. Their Hardcore Poverty Eradication and the Senior Citizens Appreciation programs are excellent examples of a caring government. I was reading this article “The politics of welfare” in The Sun today and Himanshu Bhatt had written that “the political mileage that the Pakatan has gotten from this programme, whether intended or not, has been significant” (p 14). The writer was specifically highlighting the latter program – which basically entailed that each senior citizen would be eligible to receive RM100 every year by the Pakatan Rakyat state government. And some 83,000 residents of Penang, aged 60 and above, had already registered. And he added: “What surprised most people was not just the turnout, but the reaction of the elderly who showed up to receive the money. Newspapers splashed photos of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng being surrounded by happy people; one even had a shot of him being kissed on the cheek by a thankful old man”. Of course, Himanshu should know this first hand – after all he is The Sun’s Penang bureau chief, and not someone writing from a long distance.

Predictably, “the Barisan Nasional jumped, and understandably so” – and these are not even my words – but BN leaders have been quick to deride this scheme as a “gimmick” and a paltry contribution. The most asinine and fatuous statement was made by Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, who claimed that “she felt ashamed to read that Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng only gave RM100 per annum for the welfare of senior citizens in Penang”. And adding more insult to injury, she mocked "I would like to offer my sympathies to senior citizens in Penang because they [are] worth less than RM10 a month as far as the Opposition-led state government is concerned” (Webpage, posted April 06).

But she was not finished with the taunting. She wanted to look even stupider, and so this bird-brained woman went on to shower false accolades on the BN federal government: “Thank God we have a federal government and a Barisan Nasional government for that matter, to take care of the people’s welfare. If not, the poor in Penang will be starving”. Huh? What the…? To think that this woman who claims to be “a minister in charge of the people’s welfare” could prattle mindless drivel! Wow!

Did you read Najib’s statement in today's newspapers that losing Selangor in the 2008 general election was just a temporary setback for BN? The occasion was the Selangor BN convention yesterday (The Sun, April 08, 2010, p 2). And for BN politicians, losing Selangor was difficult to accept, and so many of them continued to be in self-denial. I am a voter in Selangor and for as long as my vote counts, and the majority of us (in Selangor) share the same sentiments – Selangor will not return to the BN!

"We cannot win it alone. But if we have support from Chinese, Indians, including the Orang Asli (the indigenous people), we can win together. This is our goal." Najib had admitted (Webpage, posted yesterday). Najib is talking cock again. It’s not about whether the Chinese, Indians, and the Orang Asli support BN or not – even the Malays have wised up and withdrew their support of BN. It is BN that has failed Malaysians in Selangor! It is BN that tasted humiliating defeat. And it’s the people who won!

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