Thursday, April 29, 2010

MCA Buffoonery

MCA leaders are maddeningly stupid. If they wish to show some semblance of dignity, they should just zip their mouths and not respond to other people’s balderdash. If they cannot do a simple task as this – then the next best option would be to herd themselves into Wisma MCA, amble into one of the large rooms where they should sit and stare sullenly at an empty wall and at the same time, chanting loudly in one collective ennui-inducing monotone: “Chinese voters have spurned MCA and rejected BN”, repeating it four hundred and forty-four times.

But no, they prefer to be unproductive. Instead of confronting themselves, they love to confront others; they take delight in engaging in a wasteful war of words with first, Perkasa and then, UMNO. The fact of the matter is that the majority of the Chinese are now rooting for “anything but BN”. So what if this shit-bag named Mohd Khir Toyo wrote in his blog that Chinese voters in Hulu Selangor failed to show appreciation for the BN federal government’s initiatives, choosing instead to back PR – even I would admit that it is a fair comment. Why should the MCA defend something that is indefensible in the first place? Importantly, these MCA pinheads should assemble and do a post-mortem of their Hulu Selangor strategies – if they have any, that is – and if they finally can realize the futility of their cause, they would hopefully re-examine their own hopeless position within BN. But it doesn’t matter actually because to be honest, MCA is doomed, whether they are in or out of BN!

Now that Mahathir has come out in defense of Perkasa and in the process, scolded MCA – I bet you these same MCA flunkies will maintain a servile silence. That is the nature of MCA politicians – cowardly, gutless, impotent. I hope my assessment of them is wrong, but I doubt it.

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