Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bad Luck

Early this morning, I received a text message that I would not be able to speak at the AFC Toastmasters Club meeting this evening. I had to call other Clubs (which had Tuesday meetings) and one of the few people that I got in touch with was DTM SK Walia. I am grateful that she pointed me to Faye, who is President of the PJ Hilton Toastmasters Club, and I did managed to secure a speaking slot at this eleventh hour.

I was pleasantly surprised to find familiar faces at this particular club meeting (e.g. Yeoh, Foong, Emil, Jamilah, Bushra, Lucas) besides Walia and Stephen Fernando. In fact, excluding PJ Hilton Toastmasters Club – there were representatives from 8 other Toastmasters clubs who attended this evening’s meeting.

Anyway, besides doing my speech, I was also the General Evaluator. My speech was titled “Bad Luck”, assignment # 3 Make Them Laugh from the advanced manual Humorously Speaking. SK Walia was my evaluator and she was very kind to describe my speech as “excellent”. She also highlighted that my speech contained humorous stories that had a twist, and this made my speech very engaging. I didn’t believe that I did that well, really, but I am not going to argue with a Distinguished Toastmaster!

I have now finished speech # 7 and I have only 3 more speeches to go! I am mighty pleased that I am very much on track!