Friday, April 23, 2010

Mahathirist Baloney

Ex-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad leeringly called PKR candidate Zaid Ibrahim a “frog”, saying Hulu Selangor voters should not trust anyone who might get drunk to represent them (Webpage Ouch! Here we go again – this UMNO leader condemning and ridiculing Zaid! I cannot fault those other UMNO fellas who brought up this “drinking issue” – it’s not their fault that their brains are lodged in their arses! – but what can I say about Mahathir who should know better than to talk baloney?

In fact, PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali had declared that all past prime ministers in Malaysia had consumed alcohol except for Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

In the same telling Malaysian Insider report (Webpage, Mahathir scoffed at this claim but interestingly did not dispel its truth and said that “maybe” it was true but it was “in the past”. Hahaha! Isn’t this what PR is peeved about – UMNO is trying to hang Zaid for the same drinking habit he indulged “in the past”!

“Last time, we all wanted to be like the white man. That’s why we say about our former leaders drinking.

“I am not saying that I drank but then of course people will make all kinds of allegations. If they do not have anything of substance other than that to win the support of the people, then they can raise whatever they like,” he added. Now is he referring to PR or he is also referring to UMNO? Let’s not forget that Mahathir is an expert in doublespeak. Anyway, if I listen to him speak some more – I think I will throw up!

When questioned if he felt that by drinking, a leader would lose his ability to lead the nation, the veteran politician said: “It is for the people to judge whether a Prime Minister can lead the nation or not. In my time, I led for 22 years.” Can you understand the question and did you also understand Mahathir’s answer? I leave it to readers to arrive at their own conclusion.

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