Sunday, April 11, 2010

Black Saturday in Bangkok

I guess I spoke too soon. Yesterday, the streets of Bangkok resembled a war zone as government troops fired rubber bullets and tear gas at thousands of Red Shirts who responded by hurling petrol bombs in the most serious clashes yet of a month-long protest. These clashes were violent and they were deadly. Public Health Minister Jurin Laksanawisit Sunday afternoon totaled the death toll to 20. He said five troops were killed and the rest were civilians. He said the injuries toll rose to 842 – 569 civilians, 265 troops and 8 policemen – as reported by Thailand’s The Nation.
Hopefully, sanity will prevail and calm will return. The option of continuing violence is too frightening to contemplate. The Red Shirts should desist from being manipulated by fugitive Thaksin. Sorry, Thaksin is not exactly a fugitive – some countries are sheltering and protecting him.

In the Scottish Cup semi-finals yesterday, second-tier Ross County (a team from the Scottish Highlands who has never contested the semi-finals before) stunned Celtic with a shock 2-0 win. What a Celtic let-down!

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