Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When Does the Suffering End?

Remember the song that I mentioned that we recorded on March 01?

Well, we have produced a video clip of this for the HELP for Haiti cause that we are promoting – thanks to Martin Sarfaraz.

By the way, the song “When Does the Suffering End?” was performed by Mathew Varughese and Victor Reddy (on guitar), music by the same Victor Reddy, lyrics by Victor Ong and poem composed and narrated by Kim Lee.

Give this a listen and I have no doubt you will be moved!

The Star's Baradan Kuppusamy did it again – shooting off his blabbermouth like a musty bag of putrid wind.

This time he is claiming that the “two-party system (is) still elusive” and that “Malaysians have yet to see their hope of such a system becoming reality”. This is attributed to the growing cynicism that is fast replacing the euphoria that has all but evaporated since Pakatan’s famous victory, or so he claimed.

But then, what does he know? If you write for the Star, you’re likely to prattle much ado about nothing anyway because otherwise the authorities will clamp down on you.

Why, only very recently, the Star’s Managing Editor, P. Gunasegaram’s article “Persuasion, not compulsion” in his column ‘Question Time’ was pulled out after the Home Ministry gave them a show-cause letter – the newspaper didn't want any 'sensitive' articles that may jeopardize their KDN permit.

The only opinions that this Baradan guy expressed that I could agree with were: “But at the people’s level, March 8 brought major changes. It made the people vocal and organized, demanding their rights. It ended submissiveness and removed fear from the political realm”. The writer in his article in the Star (March 09, 2010, p N19) was of course referring to the dramatic vote that was exercised by Malaysians two years ago.

As far as I am concerned, we should have a two-party system. If nothing else, at least to keep a check-and-balance on the political behemoth that is UMNO.

Notice I didn’t refer to BN – why should I? To many, BN is UMNO and vice versa. The rest of the parties are pointlessly irrelevant. I mean, if I describe them as mosquito parties, that would be a genuine compliment!

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