Friday, March 5, 2010

Trivia Quiz

My Diploma in Business students came as one concerned group of caring students to hand over RM75 to the HICT for Haiti Fund – this is in spite of the fact that many have already contributed individually. I am proud of these students of mine for supporting this beneficial cause. On a side note, since we are now using HELP for Haiti as our tagline for this charity drive, we are renaming our Fund as the HELP for Haiti Fund.

And with the other loose cash put in the box totaling another RM60 today – the Fund now stands at RM956 as at 5:31 PM this evening.

Furthermore, we have begun planning for a benefit concert at HELP University College on March 25, and preceded by a concert at HICT on March 22. Hopefully, we can raise at least RM7000 from these two events. HICT itself will put up at least 15 performances.

Below is a trivia question drawn from the world news quiz, posted yesterday on the BBC News webpage.

Question: What "strong message" did the naked photo at Sydney Opera House send, according to the artist and organizer Spencer Tunick?

A: Australians embrace a free and equal society
B: Australians love to get their kit off
C: It’s time to take action against global warming

Image credit:AP Photo/Rick Rycroft

The answer is A. "Gay men and women lay naked next to their straight neighbors and this delivered a very strong message to the world that Australians embrace a free and equal society," Tunick said. This tableau was staged on March 01, 2010 when 5,200 people stripped off for the mass nude photo shoot that was titled "Mardi Gras: The Base" and meant to celebrate Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Naked art with a purpose! At least that is what we are supposed to believe!

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