Thursday, March 18, 2010

Red Pawns

Today is the Area C3 International Speech & Table Topics Contest, and I was invited to be the Contest Chair for the IS segment. Mike Cheang and Alan Tan represented HICT Toastmasters Club at this contest – IS and TT respectively. Mike came out first runner-up and Alan was second runner-up. Good effort from these two.

And yesterday, the Red Shirts again did the same – splashing donated blood at the heavily-guarded home of the Thai Prime Minister. This gives new meaning to the word ‘bloodshed’! I am sure blood banks can make good use of this generous supply of blood, if they receive it, but... Well, I suppose it is better than spilling ‘other’ people’s blood on the streets of Bangkok. Sadly, these Red Shirts are but pawns in Thaksin’s political gamesmanship.

The irony is that whilst his follower-supporters were venting their pro-Thaksin rhetoric in Bangkok and bravely facing the full might of the Thai police – Thaksin who arrived in Montenegro (a former Yugoslav republic) on March 13 by a private plane from Dubai – was enjoying the peace and quiet of the Montenegrin coastal town of Tivat, and safe from the troubled turbulence that is Thailand (Webpage, posted March 17, 2010).

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